Wednesday, June 8, 2011

is this a hobby?

ok. i think i may have accidentally started a hobby...after my love affair with baked goods, i could not wear any of my pants - i'm not joking. so i needed to lose some weight real bad. my hubby found this site call myfitnesspal and i'm completely hooked! i count calories - that's my new hobby! at first i felt pretty lame about it and didn't want to say anything to anyone - but after a while, we'd have people over for dinner or they'd catch me measuring all my condiments with teaspoon and i would have to admit my small shame. it's embarrassing and it feels like the 1990's...but it totally works!!! i've been on there for about 5 weeks and i've already lost 18 pounds! i also track my excercise - i really feel obsessed about it. i want to look at the calories of things i like to eat all the time! it's so fun!!

so, maybe it can count as a hobby...for now.
i'm also a little obsessed with the wiifit....ugh, if it is a hobby, it's not a very cool one.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

mother of two

yeah, it's been THAT long since I posted...we have a new baby girl now and the old one doesn't seem so baby anymore...
I have to admit, I was pretty worried about becoming a mom of two small children but I find it isn't as difficult as I was expecting. Our oldest is still a handful - she needs quite a bit of attention - but mother nature or God or fate or whatever was MUCH kinder with our second child. She is very quiet. She doesn't fuss much and she sleeps well. She's swell. We like her.

Now that I have two kids, I kinda feel like I might be done. The thought of having more children in a romantic sense is very inviting, but from a more practical point of view, I just don't think it would work. So even though I have two very small children to concentrate on, I'm starting to feel like maybe I could spend some of my mental time thinking about me. Specifically: a hobby.

My husband has recently had certain things that he's been obsessing over. ie. scooters, pipes, straight razors, etc. So I guess I'm kind of jealous and I want some stuff too...I like to bake - so I've been doing that but it's really affecting my waistline. So it's gotta stop. I wanted to start sewing and designing clothes but the fabrics I want are too expensive and I don't have any time to really get into it with these two kids at home...I would start knitting but I'm no good at it and my hands already hurt from my job. ugh. I'm gonna think of something cool to do. you wait. it'll happen.