Friday, September 21, 2012


not too sure why I would be excited about friday...since my only full day of work is on saturday. but hey, it's the weekend.

I was reminded today that dolly parton exists. what an incredible collection of songs. and that hair! woah. there should be more dolly parton, all the time. 'jolene' is stuck in my head and i CAN'T GET IT OUT. and i don't mind.

I've noticed that I refer to my husband on here as "hubby" or "husband" and realize that I don't really like it. So he shall henceforth be known as "robert". it's his name. although i don't always call him that (it's usually robbie or rob) but i think that robert is suitable for these purposes.

my oldest child has started school. she's been attending for two weeks now and I really effing miss her. like, i was ready completely for her to be out of the house. she was really wearing me out and we weren't getting along because i think we were both just tired of each other...but now...i wish she was here, so we could listen to some dolly parton together. and play board games (cause she can DO THAT now!) she makes the most amazing things with playdoh and she can draw animals and faces like nobody's business. it's really something. since she's started school her development has taken off completely. she can count to three in french, she can recognize half of the letters in the alphabet, she can write her own name in a STRAIGHT LINE. it's blowing my mind. she's too smart. much too smart. where's my baby?

Monday, June 18, 2012

has it been too long?

ok, I know that no one is really "following" this blog but I will continue to post once a year at least...

so much has happened! i've got hobbies! so many many hobbies. i have, infact, started to knit. and i think i'm pretty good at it. i can do SWEATERS. so that seems amazing to me. i also sew and have managed to so far create a simple dress for myself and am halfway through a skirt. i've also made quite a few pinafores for friends' and family's children. my fantastic husband bought me an amazing dressmaker's mannequin for valentine's day this year and i love to look at it even though i don't quite know how to go about using it yet. But I WILL LEARN.

my other big thing? RUNNING. i started to run in the fall and had a small goal to run a 5k race. it was such a struggle and so much training and looking back on it i just want to laugh. 'cause yesterday i ran a half marathon! i know, i can't believe it either...running is such a strange obsession of mine. i hate it a little bit. but mostly it's amazing. not only does it make me feel almost god-like, it's also good for the figure. before the half, i bought some shiny, brand new, tight as all heck, compression pants. and i only felt a little bit insecure wearing them in public. not bad.

my husband has recently purchased and then traded for another moped. so i'm helping him fix it, sort of. so far i know how to clean a carb, sand some brakes, and put a tire back on. it's dirty dirty work. it's fun/terrifying to ride.