Wednesday, June 8, 2011

is this a hobby?

ok. i think i may have accidentally started a hobby...after my love affair with baked goods, i could not wear any of my pants - i'm not joking. so i needed to lose some weight real bad. my hubby found this site call myfitnesspal and i'm completely hooked! i count calories - that's my new hobby! at first i felt pretty lame about it and didn't want to say anything to anyone - but after a while, we'd have people over for dinner or they'd catch me measuring all my condiments with teaspoon and i would have to admit my small shame. it's embarrassing and it feels like the 1990's...but it totally works!!! i've been on there for about 5 weeks and i've already lost 18 pounds! i also track my excercise - i really feel obsessed about it. i want to look at the calories of things i like to eat all the time! it's so fun!!

so, maybe it can count as a hobby...for now.
i'm also a little obsessed with the wiifit....ugh, if it is a hobby, it's not a very cool one.

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